Constant Vigilance

I wonder what J.K. Rowling would think if she knew that she has a fan club among those who are grieving.  I can’t imagine she would be too surprised.  The Harry Potter books are imbued with references to grief and living after the loss of a loved one.  In fact, J.K Rowling has stated that … More Constant Vigilance

The Language of PAIL

I have always wanted to be bilingual.  In high school, I studied French and while my grades were excellent, my teenage ambition did not extend beyond my workbook pages.  C’est la vie. Now, almost three years after my first miscarriage, I find myself fluent in a language that does not easily translate.  It is not … More The Language of PAIL


When my grief was fresh, I fought hard against Facebook and Instagram.  It seemed like a dangerous place to go.  Why would I willingly enter a space that was designed to share a filtered worldview?  Why, when my world was so dark, would I glance upon a world that encourages the viewer to wear rose-colored glasses?  (Or, … More #grieving