When You Say “I Forgive,” But Your Heart Won’t Forget

Losing a child has made me good at many things.  I’m good at crying in the grocery store and also at hiding my tears.  I’m good at saying what’s on my heart and I’ve become good at helping others find their voice.  I’ve even become good at forgiving others when their words and actions leave … More When You Say “I Forgive,” But Your Heart Won’t Forget

Netflix and Grieve

When we came home without Dorothy, our first place of retreat was the couch.  We sat down on and immediately turned on the tv.   Neither of us said a word as we fixed our eyes forward and waited for that familiar red screen with the white lettering.  Mike then turned to me and said the … More Netflix and Grieve

Constant Vigilance

I wonder what J.K. Rowling would think if she knew that she has a fan club among those who are grieving.  I can’t imagine she would be too surprised.  The Harry Potter books are imbued with references to grief and living after the loss of a loved one.  In fact, J.K Rowling has stated that … More Constant Vigilance